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JODIbeckDESIGN is an experienced design firm based in Southern California and is dedicated to creating diverse environments for client’s independent needs and desires.


At JODIbeckDESIGN we specialize in an authentic and eclectic approach to every client’s end goal to produce a unique experience to enjoy. Projects in retail, interiors, landscape and events are a part of the wide variety of genres the company is passionate about.  This diversity gives an edge and outside of the box thinking by exploring a fresh outlook to different design element for every space.


Our design comes from a playful perspective, but is always thoroughly thought out from the big picture all the way down to the details of dotting the last i.  Whatever the vision, whatever the project, whatever the location;

the end result will combine an artful combination of colors, textures, forms, spatial planning and materials.


JODIbeckDESIGN most recently has completed landscape revisions on Bay Island, Lido Isle and Linda Isle which are some of the most prominent properties in Newport Beach.


We look forward to working with you and creating the space you have dreamed about.


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